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Health Center

Nettle Leaf Capsule 100 ct.

Description: Nettles are said to have a variety of healing properties, affecting different parts of the body. First and foremost, they are considered wonderful nutrition, which provides a first-rate form of preventative medicine. Although we detail some of Nettles’ constituents below, of special notice is the high calcium content in the plant, particularly when taken raw, which can be indispensable in certain conditions, especially tuberculosis and lymphatic congestion. Nettle is good for clearing phlegm in the lungs and bronchial tubes. It has been used as an anti-asthmatic herb, the raw juice being given in honey. It is sometimes combined with equal parts of comfrey and mullein, with a pinch of lobelia added, for asthma. An ounce of herbs is steeped in a pint of boiled water and strained, the tea taken three or four times a day (Tierra: 142). This remedy is effective when taken over a long period of time. Whether the wheezing or shortness of breath is considered true asthma or not, this remedy can help overcome such problems. 

The herb is also much employed for problems in the urinary and eliminatory systems, especially for mucus problems. It is helpful to when blood is in the urine and for incipient edema, although it doesn’t rank with other herbs, such as parsley, for established edema. It is said to gently loosen the bowels, although a decoction of the plant can be used for chronic diarrhea. It is good for hemorrhoids when taken internally. It has been employed for gravel in the kidneys and for kidney infections generally. It can be used for water retention, although its persistent use over a long period of time can cause kidney irritation (Moore:1 14). The phosphates in the plant increase urine acidity (Ibid). The plant is said to influence the secretions of the body generally, especially influencing bleeding. Most sources agree that it is an excellent and safe styptic. It is said to check internal hemorrhages, taken as tea internally, as well as applied externally as a wash for external bleeding. Even if a patient is spitting blood, the hot infusion can remedy the trouble. The herb has been taken to control excessive menstrual flow. 100% vegetarian capsules.

Ingredients: Nettle Leaf.

Ailments traditionally used for: Arthritis (Gout), Arthritis (Osteo), Arthritis (Rheumatoid), Bursitis,

Directions: As a dietary supplement take 2 capsules before each meal with 12 oz of water or as prescribed by your health care professional.

Store in a cool, dry place.