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Massage In A Bottle with menthol

For sprains, strains,arthritic pain,sore muscles , joints and can also be used for congestion.

Price: $16.00

Massage In A Bottle with menthol

me n ben

Massage In A Bottle used by MMA Fighter Ben DeAnda . For the extreme athlete.

Massage In A Bottle

For sprains,strains,arthritic pain sore muscles, joints,cuts, scrapes and bruises.

Price: $15.00

Massage In A Bottle

   Safe enough for toddlers to eat .Not Recommended ,however, it has happened .If it dose and one has a sore throat it can be helpful internally as well .

* visit Body Back Health Center 5925 E. Evans Ave #215 Denver Co. 80222 for pick up 720-427-7809 Thank you

As a Massage Therapist I was looking for something to help enhance my massages, work on my clients when I was not able to and when they are not able to come in.I worked on this formula for years to find the best match for me and my clients.For bruises, stiff necks, sprains, strains or sore muscles and joints.With or without menthol.Most important its Safe,all Natural, Effective and with no harmful ingredients or side effects. It has been my experience that Massage In A Bottle is an all purpose emergency cream, for you and your pet. Massage in a Bottle also helps to promote healing and restores homeostasis. Excellent salve for injuries and surgeries, helps with scar tissue , inflammation and pain.

Directions: Massage in area of concern for immediate relief.For even better results massage in after bathing , use as needed.

Indications:sprains,strains,arthritic pain,edema,hematomas,bruises,muscle fatigue,bursitis,carpal tunnel,helps break up scar tissue,with menthol can be used for congestion.

Ingredients:Menthol,Oak Bark,Wormwood,Comfrey,St.Johns Wart,Marigold,Capsicum,Ginger,Lobelia,Marshmallow Root and Beeswax

Caution:Avoid contact to sensitive areas, especially the eyes & lips,wash hands thoroughly. Rub in thoroughly to avoid possible staining to clothing. External Use Only.

No chemicals are artificial ingredients added.

Warning:This product contains Comfrey .These plants are a source of pyrrolizidine alkaloids that present a serious health hazard to consumers when they are ingested .FDA asks that you share this information with your members.. This products is not approved by the FDA

When comfrey is applied externally to the skin, as a cream, it is not considered to be a significant intake of PA’s, in view of low dermal absorption of the PA’s. When comfrey is dried, enzymes are released and much of the alkaloid is destroyed.source

Dotsy                                                             Ebony

Ebony lounging


  I have used this product on my girls,Ebony had a torn ligament and needed surgery .At the time I did not know if it was helping I took her in and she did not have any scar tissue or arthritis.She has injured it since and I just put the cream on, we have not had an episode again ,except with Dotsy she strained or sprained her leg. I put the cream on several times a day everyday till she was better.Dotsy also had a hematoma on her ear we used the cream for that .We have saved allot of money .Remember that this helps treat the symptom and we must start at the beginning and cleanse and nourish to get exceptional results.Can you tell which ear had the hematoma?

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