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Health Center

What is Alternative or Natural Therapy?

Alternative or Natural therapy is any form of practice that is outside the realm of conventional modern medicine.Natural Therapy relies on the body's own healing powers.Herbal Medicine treats the whole person strengthening the body's ability to heal itself.

Why use herbs?

They are Natures remedies and have been placed here by a wise Creator and can not be duplicated.Your body recognizes herbs as food,they are safe and offer no harmful side-effects.

Will I get sick during my cleanse?

It is a gentle cleanse,individual results very , some individuals may experience some discomfort due to the toxins being released and eliminated.

Are herbs safe ?

Herbs used in their whole state are safe ,careless or excessive use of certain herbs can result in a recall health hazard.They can be dangerous if they are not recognized and treated with respect, always be mindful.

How long do I have to take them?

Because of their milder action,herbs must be taken over a period of time weeks or months maybe years, depending on your commitment as well as the condition ,in order to produce a lasting effect.Remember this is a on going process.

When will I see results?

This is not a quick fix ,this is a lifestyle change that takes commitment,patience and persistance.Believe in what you can't see.

How much will it cost me?

Your health does not have a price tag.

What about other family members that have yet to make the change?

Do the best that you can for your health but do not push them they to will eventually realize the truth.

What makes these products any better then the others?

Dr. Christopher is one of the four fathers of herbal formulas and advocated that only wildcrafted and organic herbs are to be used.Commercially grown herbs are only used when wildcrafted or organic are not available.They are not synthetic therefore your body recognizes it as whole food. I am proud to be able to offer the highest quality herbal products on the market today .

How do I know these products actually work ?

These products have been time tested.

How do I know which product I need?

I offer detailed product information click

Will They interfere with my medications?

No,however individual results vary.It depends on the medication and the herb. Under the guidance of a herbalist, selected herbs may be safely used alongside prescription medication.

What if I'm not satisfied with my order?

click to see Return Policy

If you have any further questions please click to use the contact page .

This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.